Years Teacher
1893-1894 M.L. Fowler
1894-1895 Hattie Kirpatrick
1895-1896 IdaEllen Sayer
1896-1897 Eva Pitzer
1897-1898 John Coggshall
1898-1899 Lora G. Culver
1899-1900 Edith Rist
Fall 1900 Grace Donnell
Winter 1901 Claire McIntire
1901-1902 Edith Rist
1902-1903 Mary Lyon
1903-1904 Rose Robinson
1904-1905 No records
1905-1906 Grace Daniel
1906-1907 Abba Kearney
1907-1908 Harriet Wall
1908-1909 No records
1909-1910 Estella Ostrander
1910-1911 Lovena Weatherly
1911-1912 Bessie Evernham
1912-1913 Bessie Carl
1913-1914 Nelle Godsey
1914-1915 Marvel Graham
1915-1916 Nelle Godsey
1916-1917 Nadine Miller
1917-1918 Nadine Miller
1918-1919 Grace Reasoner
1919-1920 Nadine Miller
1920-1921 Nadine Miller
1921-1922 Nadine Miller
1922-1923 Nadine Miller
1923-1924 Nadine Miller
1924-1925 Marie Caley
1925-1926 Marie Miller
1926-1927 Marie Miller
1927-1928 Marie Caley
1928-1929 June Katterline
1929-1930 Pauline Plumer
1930-1931 Pearl Sprague
1931-1932 Pearl Sprague
1932-1933 Luella Plumer
1933-1934 Luella Plumer
1934-1935 Vera Mayberry
1935-1936 Alice Scott
1936-1937 Alice Scott
1937-1938 Geneva Haney
1938-1939 Geneva Haney
1939-1940 Geneva Haney
1940-1941 Geneva Schroder
1941-1942 Mildred Fischer
1942-1943 Roberta Moore
1943-1944 Doris Teager
1944-1945 Edith Moore
1945-1946 Virginia Kahl
1946-1947 Virginia Kahl
1947-1948 Virginia Kahl
1948-1949 Ethel Clark
1949-1950 Ethel Clark
1950-1951 Ethel Clark
1951-1952 Ethel Clark
Fall 1952 Ethel Clark
Winter 1953 Patience Walker
1953-1954 Hazel McCollum
1954-1955 Hazel McCollum
Year Superintendent
1893- O. R. Patrick
1920- G. E. Masters
1932- Amy Hammers
The Plumer Schoolhouse was originally a log cabin constructed circa 1857, serving as a combined meetinghouse, church, and school. It was located west of the log cabin home of Johann H. Plumer, which was on the homestead site. Instruction was given in German by "missionary ministers".

In 1867, the Salem Lutheran Church was founded, and in 1874, the Mills County School District was drawn up.

A record dated March, 1875 states that the school, which had replaced the log cabin, was required to have a fence placed around it. The wooden structure, photo circa 1875, was built with a front entrance that featured two doors (one for the boys and one for the girls).

The name of the school was changed from Plumer School to Oak Bluff #2 during the 1899-1900 school year.

In September 1929, an entryway and a new porch were built. Also, two swings and a merry-go-round were purchased. A storm cave was added in 1932. The photo circa 1945 shows the entryway and porch addition.

The teacher would arrive early to get wood or coal from the shed which was east of the schoolhouse and water was carried from a neighbor's well. A pot-bellied stove heated the building and was located in the center of the room. Ink would freeze during the winter months, so pencils were used.

Children were leaving Oak Bluff #2 School and "going to German School" as late as 1900. Speculation is that would have been Confirmation School at Salem Lutheran Church.

Photo above courtesy of Mary Harmon (2017). It is difficult to read
here, but when enlarged, the writing on the right blackboard says
“November 6 (or 16), 1948”. The teacher is Ethel Clark, Mary Harmon's mother.

May Day was special as everyone brought homemade candy and made May baskets. The teacher and all of the students would then pick wildflowers in the surrounding timber and place in the baskets to take home.

The last school year for Oak Bluff #2 was 1954-1955, with the last day of school on May 13, 1955. The schoolhouse was dismantled in the spring of 2003 due to deterioration.

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Source: Mary Plumer
April, 2012