Karl Hoffmeister was the first pastor to hold services for the Germans in the Plumer Settlement, serving from 1856-1857, and again from 1864-1866. On July 4, 1866 he became the full-time pastor, serving in that capacity until August, 1868, when J. J. Waldburger became pastor.

During Pastor Hoffmeister's service, a brick church was built in 1867, with the dedication of the new Salem Lutheran Church being held on Christmas that year.

Following are the pastors who served Salem Lutheran Church during the years indicated:

Pastor Years Served Notes
Karl Hoffmeister 1856-1857, 1864-1868 (See above)
J. J. Waldburger 1868-1870  
Johann Schlundt 1870-1872  
Samuel Estel 1872-1874  
Heinrich Nau 1874-1876  
L. Feistner 1877-1883  
Albert Blasberg 1883-1888  
J. Handrich 1888-1889  
Henry E. Hoff 1889-1922
Alfred Hoff (Henry Hoff's son) 1923-1933